16. Learning the Korean language due to my K-drama obsession and my life-long goal to immigrate to South Korea and most probably marry LEE MIN HO, LEE HYUN WOO, KIM HYUN JOONG and the whole SS501 cuties, GONG YOO, JUNG IL WOO, KANG HA NEUL, SHINee, SHIN WON-HO,T-MAX,NU'EST,MyName,EXO, CNBlueand any future k-drama/k-pop CRUSH. Yes. All of them at the same time.
Currently Watching The Heirs :')
  • Introducing my latest love interests..

    I’m Officially Loving You.


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  • neweast-l0ve:

    So I decited to make this post to sum up all possibilities to make NU’EST win no 1. I’ll try not to speak too much, but make everything clear and understandable.


    B U Y T H E I R A L B U M S


    Buying digital album counts the most! It counts…

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  • "JR’s promise if NU’EST win No. 1: “I want to go to an overnight, two-day trip together with fans!”"
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    Let’s get them to number 1 peeps!!!

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  • Music Videos:

    Face / Action / Not Over You / Sandy / Dashing through the Snow in High Heels (ft. Orange Caramel) / Hello / Sleep Talking / Fine Girl / Judgement / Good Bye Bye

    Official SNS Accounts:

    YouTube / Twitter / Facebook / Ren’s Twitter / Aron’s Instagram / Aron’s Music Access Twitter / Jason’s Instagram / Official Fancafe

    [ENG] Shows/ Appearances

    Making of a Star / LO/\E Story Season 1 2 3/ MTV Diary / Weekly Idol / NU’EST Han Love Part 1, Part 2 / After School Club

    (as for Music Access, Aron’s radio show, tune in any day from 2-4 PM KST here. It’s always in English!)

    [ENG] Interviews

    Soompi / Pops in Seoul / The Star 1 2 3 / Mnet America / Nu’est-M at Sina / kourierco 1 2 3 


    Boy’s Day - Something / Aron’s apology / Jason MV before NU’EST-M / Pre-debut Happy Pledis MV / Plight of NU’EST SeoulBeats Article / Got it Figured Out / Beginner’s Guide to NU’Ships / 99 Reasons to love every member / More Subbed Things / Compiled List of NU’EST Videos

    Any questions? Doubts? Concerns? Ask me!

    Good luck with the feels.

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  • "Goodbye, baby. Now I’m okay without you."

    NU’EST - Good Bye Bye (2014)


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  • Calling all BABYs, Starlights, and LOVEs


    BABYs and Starlight, I call you because I know your strength. Honestly, I was very shocked and very proud when you were able to get B.A.P and VIXX to win on music shows.
    We really really want NU’EST to win on a music show. Just once is enough. I know how powerful and amazing you guys are so please please please help LOVEs and NU’EST?
    We would be so thankful.

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  • I just can’t stop crying..Finally…

  • nuestnewsletter:

    Dear L.O.ㅅ.Es,

    It has come to our attention that there’s just too many unhappiness in our small community, thus we’re having our first Secret L.O.ㅅ.E event!

    How it works: like secret Santa, or secret Valentines!

    1. Like this post to participate - if dropping out, please mail us and let us

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