16. Learning the Korean language due to my K-drama obsession and my life-long goal to immigrate to South Korea and most probably marry LEE MIN HO, LEE HYUN WOO, KIM HYUN JOONG and the whole SS501 cuties, GONG YOO, JUNG IL WOO, KANG HA NEUL, SHINee, SHIN WON-HO,T-MAX,NU'EST,MyName,EXO, CNBlueand any future k-drama/k-pop CRUSH. Yes. All of them at the same time.
Currently Watching The Heirs :')
  • Happiest 27th Birthday JUNG IL WOO.

    May your charm last forever.

  • And then i’d be like..

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  • My life recently..

    • Any human being: What are you doing lately?
    • Me: Just here and there, mostly watching my sister crying her eye balls off while singing ' IT'S NOT RIGHT IT'S NOT RIGHT FOR YOU'..
  • bosxe:



    This is so much better than any russian roulette or “poison cookie” analogy.

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  • "We are all really compatible. Really compatible.” - Jongin


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  • "“Don’t be afraid of the shadows… because not far from you is light.” – Young Joo (City Hunter)"
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